Relearning to Change

Crises occur when the old does not die completely and the new is not yet completely born. When people learn to accept and facilitate change, they promote not only their process of personal transformation but the collective one as well. Adaptation to the labor world in change increases opportunities of good positioning. In the Information Society, the requirements of the labor market coincide precisely with the goals intended by HDA training in integral development of individuals.


  • Proactive acceptance.
  • Learning to solve, improve, adapt, respect and see the positive side of situations.
  • Leaving the comfort zone: build bridges between desire and action.
  • Updating knowledge, skills and competences.
  • Learning to promote, direct and proactively redirect cooperative change in favor of welfare and human development.


Competencies and Skills

5.1. Initiative: anticipating change:

  • Ability to innovate.
  • Ability to manage.
  • Service orientation.

5.3. Constructive adaptation:

  • Knowing how to live in a unified, interrelated, changing world.
  • Sensitivity in the nature-humanity relationship.
  • Ability to manage and handle new information.

5.5. Willingness to take risks and face possible failures or frustrations.

5.6. Analysis of complex situations: Discriminating between the important and the secondary. Learning to act, to put the cards on the table, to express their own opinions and listen to others, choosing the right time for a change.

5.7. Efficient use of resources: Learn to use new techniques and knowledge as they arise.

  • Ability to manage and optimize resources.
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