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 Context of the studies, developed competences, learning system, curricular axes, and modules.

<span lang="es" class="multilang">DESENCHÚFATE</span><span lang="en" class="multilang">UNPLUG YOURSELF</span>


Does the past rule your life or are you taking care of it?

Interaction with others, society and culture, can determine to a large extent our way of thinking, speaking and acting. Learn to identify reactive behaviors that are obsolete and harmful to life in the present. Are we born original and we die as copies? Express yourself in more original and creative ways to obtain greater well-being and satisfaction in life.

Do you live freely or are you a puppet of fate?

<span lang="es" class="multilang">¿POR QUÉ PENSAMOS, HABLAMOS Y ACTUAMOS ASÍ?</span><span lang="en" class="multilang">WHY DO WE THINK, SPEAK AND ACT THE WAY WE DO?</span>


Ego and Instinct Management

Learn to read the context of your existence and the terrain that you walk over on a daily basis. Are you aware that you live in the mental zone? Do you know that your mind is an instrument usually governed by the senses? Much of your personality is ruled by biology. In this module you become more aware of your thoughts and psycho-biological impulses.

Learn to channel your thoughts and emotions by raising their frequency to minimize their harmful effects and make them allies of your creative potential.

<span lang="es" class="multilang">COMUNICACIÓN EFICAZ</span><span lang="en" class="multilang">EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION</span>


How to Create Meaningful Relationships

Developing communicative skills you are able to build bridges with the world. Constructive relationships are two-way, back and forth, based on goodwill, mutual trust and sincerity. Learn to sow good seeds so you can reap amazing results in life. Train yourself in the management of negative attitudes such as shame, doubt, fear, reproach, guilt, or other low-frequency emotions which are contagious and weaken personal worth paralyzing your creative potential. Strengthen this potential cultivating high vibrations such as acceptance, joy, respect, serenity, and others.

Generate positive effects in your interaction with others. Learn techniques to listen and express yourself assertively and effectively.

<span lang="es" class="multilang">RIESGOS Y RETOS DEL SIGLO XXI</span><span lang="en" class="multilang">RISKS AND CHALLENGES OF THE XXI CENTURY</span>


Transform the challenges and difficulties into opportunities and growth!

In a world in chaos, you need to interpret reality from a different perspective, strengthen your adaptive capacities and develop an edifying avant-garde vision. Learn to live each moment, be it of satisfaction or difficulty, developing the ability to identify what is important in each situation so you can make smarter choices. You will guide your personal ideals and collective construction on a safer and more prosperous path. 

Attitude, aptitude, efficiency and productivity are products of a focused mind, recharged and free of tension. All brave acts are really based on being willing to act constructively, having a plan and heading towards the challenge, not fleeing from it.

<span lang="es" class="multilang">CONFORT SIN ESCLAVITUD</span><span lang="en" class="multilang">CONFORT WITHOUT SLAVERY</span>


Keep an environmentally sustainable and enjoyable life

Learn to recycle frustrations, fears and unrealistic expectations. Strengthen self-respect to extend it to others and your environment. To be up to the times requires finding your place in the world; thus you develop planetary consciousness. Your possibilities and opportunities will multiply. You learn to reduce stress levels and experience calmness, approaching coherent living in harmony with nature.

Ignoring the purpose of life is a serious illness that humanity suffers from, and is a cause of slavery and servitude to an unstable and complicated world. However, there is an easily accessible power that revitalizes and liberates inside of each person. We train ourselves to develop the ability to reverse this drama of superficial activity and find the center of Power.

Train your mind to overcome limiting living conditions while maintaining reasonable comfort. 

<span lang="es" class="multilang">REINVENTARSE</span><span lang="en" class="multilang">REINVENTING MYSELF</span>


Build inner harmony and get free from searching external happiness utopia

In the depth of your being you find the key to the harmony you seek in other people or in certain circumstances of life. Changing the direction of the mind towards the interior you find the calm that reveals the creative energy of the cosmos. By learning to explore this area you approach the source of true peace. What joy and harmony can you know in your life? It depends on the degree of ability you develop to achieve internalization and integration of the internal and external dimensions of your life.

More human and more productive environments are created at the same time.

<span lang="es" class="multilang">USO CONSTRUCTIVO DE LA MENTE</span><span lang="en" class="multilang">CONSTRUCTIVE USE OF THE MIND</span>


Focused mind and proactive attitude - New perspective for a full life

Behind the disordered functioning of the mind lies a creative potential in oblivion. Learn to put order to the activity of your mind; right from this ordering the whole process of integral development originates. Know your mental resources, improve your abilities of self-discipline, strengthen your will and give strength to your character, all of these contribute to overcoming the working patterns of your mind that usually focus on negative or unnecessary aspects of day day living. Learn to be realistic and correctly interpret the circumstances as they occur, without the intervention of prejudices, obsolete ideas and over-sized emotions, so that you can concentrate on the development and use of your potential.

Learn about the latest discoveries on the mind, how it works and what makes up the personality. Identify clearly the limiting aspects in your mentality and train to build thought structures that allow you to overcome barriers and achieve your goals and ideals faster.

<span lang="es" class="multilang">CONCIENCIA EMOCIONAL</span><span lang="en" class="multilang">EMOTIONAL CONSCIOUSNESS</span>


Emotions: a gift granted by nature to help direct the steps towards our objectives

Without emotions we would never know when we are in danger of even losing our lives. They work like an alarm that goes off when our integrity is at stake. But do you imagine an alarm sounding continuously out of control? Recognize your emotional states. Feel intelligently. Create a bridge between the current circumstances of your life and the way you handle your emotions.

What causes the emotional uncontrol? What results out of it? Discontent and dissatisfaction lead to seek relief in pleasures and things of the world, which does not provide a real solution. Emotions, both positive and negative, are always present and can help or sink you, depending on your ability to handle them. Developing emotional intelligence does not mean not having negative emotions, but knowing how to handle them better. Also a high capacity to identify what others feel and be able to relate better is developed. You learn to respect yourself and respect others, so you can better respond to situations that may arise. You have thus more possibilities to create and maintain harmonious and constructive relationships.

<span lang="es" class="multilang">NUEVO LIDERAZGO</span><span lang="en" class="multilang">NEW LEADERSHIP</span>


Learn to facilitate the construction of responsible work groups, committed to quality, excellence and selfless service.

Act as the leader of the 21st century, continuously strengthening your capacity to manage all kinds of resources, expressing yourself effectively and helping to create an atmosphere of trust at work. Get trained to find inner inspiration. It is not simply about your own development, your leadership capacity is measured by your contribution to the growth of others, the effective overcoming of obstacles, to face challenges more decisively and clearly, to make better use of time, to progress consistently in the projects and to more easily carry out processes of change. Every member of a team needs to develop as a leader of himself to positively influence his group. It depends on the leader to read the reality in a correct manner of a given situation, he must learn to cultivate a broad and precise vision.

Help maintaining the organizational culture with efficient work teams united around clear goals while cultivating continuous self-learning.

<span lang="es" class="multilang">RESPONSABILIDAD SOCIAL - COMUNIÓN CON MI COMUNIDAD</span><span lang="en" class="multilang">SOCIAL RESPONSABILITY - COMMUNION WITH MY COMMUNITY</span>


Strengthen your own responsibility in social transformation. 

By learning to extend your vision beyond the individual plane, you will interrelate constructively and facilitate the creation of environments of co-responsibility and social growth.

When I am committed to my own development I facilitate and support the development of my family and social-cultural group. In such environments, a solidary and integrated vision is developed, which allows for the common good to be more easily reached. Learn to stop living immersed in the urge to be important, in the narcissism of living absorbed in yourself, just focused in your own thoughts, feelings and emotions to the point of considering them the only reality.

Train yourself to overcome that narrow world and seek the extension of consciousness beyond yourself.

<span lang="es" class="multilang">CONCIENCIA PLANETARIA</span><span lang="en" class="multilang">PLANETARY COUNSCIOUSNESS</span>


Support for the possible emergence of a world-society capable of governing the future of humanity towards the common good.

Learn to harness the forces of cooperation, communication, understanding, friendship, community, love, always accompanied by intuition and intelligence. This training prepares to integrate the efforts of science, technology, industry and economics with ecological respect and human dignity. Capacity is generated to identify and reject what separates, disintegrates, alienates or divides. Also, to identify and support the weak, the fragile, the beautiful, the authentic, the human, the spiritual.

It is about expanding the vision beyond ourselves, our indifference and our lack of attention, our fatigue and our discouragement, our bad impulses and petty obsessions. We learn to counteract all of these with kindness.

We need to achieve a state of inner balance that allows us to harmoniously accommodate ourselves to Nature, presently in apparent chaos but in deep universal balance. Focused, balanced in solidarity and connected with universal realities, we can be more effective and produce favorable results for all.

<span lang="es" class="multilang">EXISTENCIA SIN FRONTERAS</span><span lang="en" class="multilang">NO BOUNDARIES EXISTENCE</span>


Learn to see the world in its true colors. We have yet to develop that eye which enables us to see the correct posture of the world and its affairs.

Deepen the outlook beyond the physical level. Meditating you discover that the body and its connections are all impermanent, that, in fact, the whole world is changing second by second. The vision without borders discovers at the base of everything that which is permanent, imperishable and immutable, always constant. Learn to see from a more precise and clear level that reveals exactly the condition of the world.

The challenge is to unravel the mystery of life. Come to know the inner Self. Life is two-sided: there is outer life and inner life.

Get right guidance for the intellect to work more accurately by resorting once and again to the standards of common sense and scientific advancement. Further, the mind should follow the intellect, and the senses should follow the direction of the mind. Develop the capacity for each sense to be in perfect control and work according to your will. You can see that at present the machinery of our being is all working upside down. Outer enjoyments draw the senses, senses draw the mind, mind carries away the intellect, and this is the reason for all the misery.



The Master Program in Integral Human Development culminates with a section that includes the Master´s Thesis (Informal Education Master course). It is for example to carry out a documented investigation or a written essay or presentation on the topic or topics that have impacted you most of the entire program. After obtaining positive feedback from the assigned tutor, you receive the certification.