Relearning to Be

Each person is innocently imprisoned in a small and limited world created by routine thinking. The Higher Self in us requires attention on our part. It is necessary to learn to give it priority if we want to get closer to the attainment of balance, peace and spiritual courage. The Self is the source of all energy. "If our attention is on our external being, personality, appearance, mind or possessions, surely we are not focused on our soul." - Rajinder Singh



  • Continuous personal renewal.
  • Creative, responsible and constructive expression.
  • Building a greater capacity for improvement.
  • Efficient self-management and autonomy.
  • Disposition and encouragement to build the common good.

Competences and Skills

1.1. Self-knowledge and self-critic ability.

  • Find balance.
  • Cultivate the inner side.

1.2. Self-esteem and personal identity. Be cheerful, accept what you can´t change, feel worthy and capable of making decisions and face difficulties.

1.3. Capacity for abstraction, reasoning and reflection. Interpret and evaluate with logical and critical open thinking. Analyze data accurately.

1.4. Management of Emotions.

  • Emotional intelligence.
  • Ability to express feelings.
  • Rational thinking.

1.5. Curiosity, imagination. Asking questions, investigating. Learning to learn.

  • Optimistic attitude.
  • Authenticity, sincerity.
  • Adaptation to changing circumstances, to new environments. Accept the facts as pointers to self-realization, live with humor.

1.6. Responsibility and flexibility in the proceedings.

  • Understanding the human condition and diversity of human behavior (physical, social, cultural aspects).

1.7 Assertiveness and Autonomy.

  • Ability to defend and affirm our own rights, interests, responsibilities, limits and needs.
  • Ability to make personal plans and projects and carry them out.
  • Ability to act on the situations as a whole (contexts and complexities).

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