Topic outline

    • Constructive Leadership and Teamwork

      This course facilitates construction of responsible work groups, committed to quality and excellence. It assists in centering groups around the same goals, visions and collective principles. Also to develop authentic leadership in efficient teams and support self-learning habits.

      Act as leader of the XXI century, continually strengthening your inner self, expressing yourself effectively, assisting the creation of an atmosphere of trust in the work place; inspire others to be more constructive, to effectively overcome obstacles, to respond to challenges with more decisiveness and clarity, to make a better use of time, to move consistently towards the completion of projects, and to implement more easily change processes. Any member of a team can do the above, they need to develop leadership to influence positively their group and help others to do the same. Thus, organizational efficiency will be improved; the level of achievement will increase and higher levels of sustainability will be attained.

      Duration: 30 hours

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      This course has the following specific objectives:

      • Recognizing personal responsibility and leadership potential
      • Enhancing the innate capacities of leadership
      • Multiplication of achievement and productivity through teamwork

      The main topics are:

      • Identification of my talents: I like it, it´s easy for me and I do it!
      • Leaders as multipliers of human development
      • Action towards achievement: how to achieve what I want?
      • Conviction and passion
      • Transpersonal communication and empathy
      • Coordination and synchrony
      • Eagle Vision
      • Permanent Training
      • Building confidence
      • 2+2=5
      • All are important
      • Openness to change and innovation
      • The power and authority
      • Leadership is service
      • Qualities of the team worker: professional, friendly, holistic communicator, empathetic
      • One step at a time: the result comes on its own
      • Humane models for solving human conflicts

      Methodology: Online. Click here to see the benefits of e-learning.

      Pedagogical strategy: Continuous development: a multidimensional spiral. Click here to see more.