• Online Program: Expert in Integral Human Development

Create a more productive and satisfying life 

This program offers strategies for faster and consistent progress toward your goals, to have self-control, get over mechanical response and reactive schemes, to grow internally and stay on the path of achievement and personal fulfillment.

Attain self-knowledge, get tools that can help you to better use of your skills and discover new talents. You will develop new skills and find the courage to live as an ethical and successful leader. Your personal and work relationships will get better and easier, which help you to build professional success and satisfying life. You will inspire people around you to also seize their potential. It will facilitate you to bring well-being to your life and to the life of others.

You will study building a firm foundation that will facilitate to develop all dimensions of your being, including your universal or superior being, strengthening your emotional and spiritual intelligence, character, ability to make good decisions, professional performance and family and work relationships. You face challenges, solve conflicts and face life with more joy and safety. You will establish a broad clear spectrum of your chances for development and an action plan to facilitate for yourself managing and tapping your own potential.


Duration: 2 cycles of 120 hours (3 modules each) + 10 hours of webinars. Around 250 hours in 6 months.

Includes the following modules:

  • Unplug Yourself
  • Why do we Think, Speak and Act So?
  • Effective Communication
  • Risks and Challenges of the XXI Century
  • Comfort Without Slavery
  • Reinventing Myself

Online Program: Expert in Integral Human Development

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