• Online Program: Master in Integral Human Development

Increase your awareness with every module, class and tutoring, for a more accurate management of your personal and working life

Clarify basic concepts and assimilate practical methods to broaden your vision, thus empowering your talents. In today's highly competitive scenario, it is wise to prepare yourself to face challenges and take risks creatively. The ethical and edifying relationships free of debilitating emotional attachments that you learn to build during your studies, contribute to overcoming obstacles and difficulties in life. Navigating the modules contents develops a penetrating vision that identifies destructive psycho-biological conditions and habits that may limit the full expression of your potential. Equanimity, peace and joy of living begin to be part of your daily life as you advance in your formation. You can feel much more comfortable in life, learning to develop in an integral and continuous way.

The best use of our efforts and resources is to invest them in our own training. Give yourself this experience that besides enriching your resume, develops soft skills in you. These new essential skills are useful to respond to the challenges of post-modernity. Integral Human Development opens doors and provides opportunities to work effectively in multiple organizational environments. It also enriches personal, family and community life.  

The Master program includes all the topics of the Diploma and Expert Courses in Integral Human Development. The activities, tests and the final work are required to be completed within 1 and a half year.

Program Start: within 24 hours after registering, you will receive the access credentials in your email.

Duration: Around 500 hours in one year (4 cycles of 120 hours in 3 months each + 20 hours of webinars). 

The program includes the following courses:

  • Unplug Yourself
  • Why Do We Think, Speak and Act So?
  • Effective Communication
  • Risk and Challenges of the XXI Century
  • Comfort Without Slavery
  • Reinventing Myself
  • Constructive Use of the Mind
  • Emotional Consciousness
  • New Leadership
  • Communion With My Community
  • Planetary Consciousness
  • Existence Without Boundaries

Online Program: Master in Integral Human Development

  • €797.0 EUROS

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