• Online Course: No Boundaries Existence

Learn to see the world in its true colors. We have yet to develop that eye which enables us to see the correct posture of the world and its affairs.

Deepen the outlook beyond the physical level. Meditating you discover that the body and its connections are all impermanent, that, in fact, the whole world is changing second by second. The vision without borders discovers at the base of everything that which is permanent, imperishable and immutable, always constant. Learn to see from a more precise and clear level that reveals exactly the condition of the world.

The challenge is to unravel the mystery of life. Come to know the inner Self. Life is two-sided: there is outer life and inner life.

Get right guidance for the intellect to work more accurately by resorting once and again to the standards of common sense and scientific advancement. Further, the mind should follow the intellect, and the senses should follow the direction of the mind. Develop the capacity for each sense to be in perfect control and work according to your will. You can see that at present the machinery of our being is all working upside down. Outer enjoyments draw the senses, senses draw the mind, mind carries away the intellect, and this is the reason for all the misery.

Duration: 40 hours

This course has a specific aim:

Recognize the possibilities of raising awareness.

The main topics are:

  • Physical, mental, emotional, social, labor and spiritual benefits of meditation
  • Discernment and right understanding
  • Connection with the inner body
  • The universe is a mind
  • Seven knowledge and seven tasks

Online Course: No Boundaries Existence

  • €30.0 EUROS

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