• Online Course: Planetary Counsciousness

Support for the possible emergence of a world-society capable of governing the future of humanity towards the common good.

Learn to harness the forces of cooperation, communication, understanding, friendship, community, love, always accompanied by intuition and intelligence. This training prepares to integrate the efforts of science, technology, industry and economics with ecological respect and human dignity. Capacity is generated to identify and reject what separates, disintegrates, alienates or divides. Also, to identify and support the weak, the fragile, the beautiful, the authentic, the human, the spiritual.

It is about expanding the vision beyond ourselves, our indifference and our lack of attention, our fatigue and our discouragement, our bad impulses and petty obsessions. We learn to counteract all of these with kindness.

We need to achieve a state of inner balance that allows us to harmoniously accommodate ourselves to Nature, presently in apparent chaos but in deep universal balance. Focused, balanced in solidarity and connected with universal realities, we can be more effective and produce favorable results for all.

Duration: 40 hours

This course has the following specific objectives:

  • Approach to the harmony between the part and the All
  • Development of planetary vision
  • Strengthen mutual respect

The main topics are:

  • It´s all in your head
  • Dismantle the thinker
  • The wise and the traveler
  • Fictitious misery
  • Impermanence and the cycles of life
  • The end of suffering and pain
  • Innate value of all self 
  • The mind and the no mind
  • A goal and many paths
  • The true intelligence
  • Ecological awareness

Online Course: Planetary Counsciousness

  • €30.0 EUROS

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