• Online Course: Communion With My Community

Strengthen your own responsibility in social transformation. 

By learning to extend your vision beyond the individual plane, you will interrelate constructively and facilitate the creation of environments of co-responsibility and social growth.

When I am committed to my own development I facilitate and support the development of my family and social-cultural group. In such environments, a solidary and integrated vision is developed, which allows for the common good to be more easily reached. Learn to stop living immersed in the urge to be important, in the narcissism of living absorbed in yourself, just focused in your own thoughts, feelings and emotions to the point of considering them the only reality.

Train yourself to overcome that narrow world and seek the extension of consciousness beyond yourself.

Duration: 40 hours

This course has the following specific objectives:

  • Strengthen self-responsibility for individual transformation
  • Build community
  • Facing the challenges of the century with sense of unity

The main topics are:

  • Blossoming of consciousness
  • Attention: growth seed
  • Keys to be in the here and now
  • How to transcend the ego, abandon negativity and dissolve unconsciousness
  • Self-imposed obligations
  • The conditional love culture
  • Social mask and being authentic
  • The new earth
  • It´s all about our world
  • We are a big family
  • Love in action

Online Course: Communion With My Community

  • €30.0 EUROS

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