• Online Course: Risks and Challenges of the XXI Century

Transform the challenges and difficulties into opportunities and growth!

In a world in chaos, you need to interpret reality from a different perspective, strengthen your adaptive capacities and develop an edifying avant-garde vision. Learn to live each moment, be it of satisfaction or difficulty, developing the ability to identify what is important in each situation so you can make smarter choices. You will guide your personal ideals and collective construction on a safer and more prosperous path. 

Attitude, aptitude, efficiency and productivity are products of a focused mind, recharged and free of tension. All brave acts are really based on being willing to act constructively, having a plan and heading towards the challenge, not fleeing from it.

Duration: 40 hours

This course has the following specific objectives:

  • Know the risks and challenges we are facing today
  • Learn to face the challenges of the century
  • Convert challenges into opportunities

The main topics are:

  • Evidences of the consciousness shift in the world
  • Autonomy, independence and solitude
  • I adapt, sacrifice and live in frustration
  • The mirage of consumerism
  • Permanent update
  • Technology, the new human and the new planet
  • New types of violence
  • Inner space: secure support
  • United
  • Develop a pioneering vision
  • Not all gone times were better
  • If lemons fall from heaven, learn to make lemonade
  • Getting an education to serve in any field
  • Obstacles as source for wit

Online Course: Risks and Challenges of the XXI Century

  • €30.0 EUROS

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