• Online Course: Effective Communication

How to Create Meaningful Relationships

Developing communicative skills you are able to build bridges with the world. Constructive relationships are two-way, back and forth, based on goodwill, mutual trust and sincerity. Learn to sow good seeds so you can reap amazing results in life. Train yourself in the management of negative attitudes such as shame, doubt, fear, reproach, guilt, or other low-frequency emotions which are contagious and weaken personal worth paralyzing your creative potential. Strengthen this potential cultivating high vibrations such as acceptance, joy, respect, serenity, and others.

Generate positive effects in your interaction with others. Learn techniques to listen and express yourself assertively and effectively.

Duration: 40 hours

This course has the following specific objectives:

  • Strengthening of assertive communication
  • Strengthening of affective communication
  • Strengthening of intelligent and educated communication

The main topics are:

  • I know what I want
  • I treat others as I wish to be treated
  • Timing
  • Feeding the cancer by not being ourselves
  • The boomerang: I get what I give
  • Nobody can resist kindness
  • We all want to be heard
  • Body language
  • Sincerity without aggression
  • Criticism can be a bomb
  • Tell me who your friends are what you do and what you think, and I tell you what your mentality is
  • The talkative: not all silence is consent
  • When words are many, many are the mistakes
  • Cultural and technological update for life: the antidote for Alzheimer's

Online Course: Effective Communication

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