• Online Course: Emotional Consciousness

Emotions: a gift granted by nature to help direct the steps towards our objectives

Without emotions we would never know when we are in danger of even losing our lives. They work like an alarm that goes off when our integrity is at stake. But do you imagine an alarm sounding continuously out of control? Recognize your emotional states. Feel intelligently. Create a bridge between the current circumstances of your life and the way you handle your emotions.

What causes the emotional uncontrol? What results out of it? Discontent and dissatisfaction lead to seek relief in pleasures and things of the world, which does not provide a real solution. Emotions, both positive and negative, are always present and can help or sink you, depending on your ability to handle them. Developing emotional intelligence does not mean not having negative emotions, but knowing how to handle them better. Also a high capacity to identify what others feel and be able to relate better is developed. You learn to respect yourself and respect others, so you can better respond to situations that may arise. You have thus more possibilities to create and maintain harmonious and constructive relationships.

Duration: 40 hours

This course has the following specific objectives:

  • Constructive or destructive clarity on emotional potential
  • Strengthening of emotional intelligence
  • Basis for the development of spiritual intelligence

The main topics are:

  • Who manages the emotional vehicle?
  • Dreams, vision and reality
  • Negative effects of misuse of emotions
  • Awareness of emotional attachments
  • Emotional balance
  • Rescuing an emotional shipwrecked
  • Identification of emotional reaction refractory periods
  • Expressing emotions assertively
  • Creative power of emotion
  • Expectations and frustrations
  • Awareness of emotional self and higher self
  • From the biological to the sublime
  • The pleasure of intimate communication
  • Self-regulation exercises:
    • Dynamic of the 4 agreements
    • Heart to Heart

Online Course: Emotional Consciousness

  • €30.0 EUROS

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