• Online Course: Why do we Think, Speak and Act the Way we Do?

Ego and Instinct Management 

Learn to read the context of your existence and the terrain that you walk over on a daily basis. Are you aware that you live in the mental zone? Do you know that your mind is an instrument usually governed by the senses? Much of your personality is ruled by biology. In this module you become more aware of your thoughts and psycho-biological impulses.

Learn to channel your thoughts and emotions by raising their frequency to minimize their harmful effects and make them allies of your creative potential.

Duration: 40 hours

This course has the following specific objectives:

  • Expanding the perspective one has of self
  • Exchanging repetitive destructive reactions for constructive action

The main topics are:

  • Evolution of the brain
  • Reptilian attitude: sometimes creeping
  • Components of Self
  • Ego and shadow: imaginary pendulum
  • Open mind or brain crystallization
  • A genuine radiography of self: sensual, emotional addictions and attachments
  • Witnessing my own reactions and impulses
  • Living as a must or as a purpose
  • Wishes and desires
  • Life projects

Online Course: Why do we Think, Speak and Act the Way we Do?

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