Frecuent Asked Questions


According to the University of Salamanca, a public or private title of Master is a supplementary education that improves the resume. It is possible to receive such titles for a training given by universities or private titles issued by non-formal education institutions. It does not have to be a standard or regular education, but one that intends to validate or fulfill any institutional requirement. Therefore, in a Master degree it is important to differentiate between official or unofficial.

No country has its own categories of study, but according to extension it can be grouped as:

  • Courses, Workshops and Seminars
  • Technical or Non-Technical Diplomas - Official
  • Diplomas - Unofficial
  • Professional Degrees - Official
  • Specializations - Official
  • Master – Offical
  • Master - Unofficial

All programs and courses are received via the Internet. Students do not have to travel and spend time; they only require having an Internet connection. With the exception of face-to-face programs or workshops that are conducted at specific locations as required by the organizations. Boot Camps, which are outdoor training, need to be carried out in exotic and inspiring environments.

It is best to have a good internet signal to see and work with all course materials in our PCs, tablets, phones or other equipment. To carry out the examinations the Internet is necessary. But many files can be printed. Most of the activities, tools, presentations, videos and documents can be used after being recorded. HDA will not send any printed document to the physical address.

Yes, according to convenience students establish their own schedules. Students define their pace and select the way to carry on program assignments and tests within 12 months for Master (until 18 months), 7 months for the Expert Program, and 4 months for most of most the Diploma Courses. Independent Online Courses are scheduled to take place in a month.

The materials are in Spanish and English. HDA will be adding more languages in the future. However, it is also possible to register for any course and language using the public translators of the Internet to understand the contents and develop all activities; besides, there is always assistance by the tutor if the language is not Spanish or English.


The student will receive a private title of HDA for Master Programs, Expert and Diploma Courses in Integral Human Development after the successful completion of any of these programs. Online Courses have the option to receive a certificate of participation of HDA after passing the pertinent tests and final assessments. The HDA programs and courses are gaining increasing reputation and acceptance in human resources departments of companies and NGOs.

The Master lasts one year, with 6 months extension possibility; the Expert Program, 7 months; most of the Diploma Courses, 4 months; and the individual Courses, 1 month. During this time the student can manage her/his own pace and schedule. No specific times to work. The student can access the presentations and documents at any time. If the student does not complete the activities in the indicated period, she/he may request an extension of the program.

Master Program and Expert Course are open for registration permanently. Click here to see the start date of Master Program. Click here to see the start date of Expert Course. The individual Courses are also open for registration permanently and they start as soon as registration is processed; it takes from 2 to 3 labor days. The Diploma Courses can start when a community or organization, register at least 15 participant.

Anyone who can read, write and use the Internet, may receive the course. The language is designed to be simple and easy to understand for any person, whether intellectual, uneducated, rich, poor, of any religion, atheist, and young or adult. You do not need a title to register for the courses. Even the educational platform is designed in a way that people, who have little knowledge in the use of Internet, can easily become familiar with it.

The Human Development Academy is funded through contributions from students with tuition fees and through individual and organizational consulting; it is independent of any organization.

The courses have been created independently of any organization. The tools, materials, documents, presentations, videos, quizzes and other activities have been organized and prepared by a group of experts with varied experience in areas or disciplines in human development; through independent activities, organizational consulting, contracting with NGOs and government agencies, these experts are committed to building a more peaceful and just world. At the same time, HDA shares common visions and efforts with some Partner Organization for Solidarity, Members of the ACEPAZ Alliance, and Consultants Specialized in Integral Human Development.

Schollarships & Discount Coupons

Click here to see the requirements to get a scholarship.

Yes, the deposit value will be refunded minus related bank fees and charges, which total a 20% of the deposit. For example, if the course cost is U.S. $ 360, the refund will be for US $ 288, the difference of US $ 72 (20%) will not be returned.

These grants are limited to 50% of the students enrolled in a course. The scholarships or coupons are studied according to the order of application. Therefore, you may not be granted a scholarship even though you sent and met all requirements. However, although 50% of the scholarships have been granted, under special conditions, it is possible to receive, especially for those working in an NGO in a country that has traditionally been international aid recipient or for people experiencing marginalization or those excluded socially.

Payments and Funding

You may pay by: a) money order or Western Union transfer or Money Gram, or b) PayPal with credit or debit card which is included in this website, or c) bank transfer (request this method sending an e-mail).

For the Programs of Master, Expert and Diploma Courses:

You can choose the following alternatives:

  • One payment:      100% when you sign up.
  • Two payments: 20% with registration and 80% before the course starts.
  • Three payments: 20% with registration, 40% before the course starts and 40% after the start (require approbal: see financial aids).

For Other Courses:

100% in one payment before starting the course.

Yes. Financed payments: 20% with registration, 80% with monthly payments for as long as the student takes the course. This option has an increment of 15% on the value of registration.For apply please ask for this option sending an e-mail to: