Scollarships & Discounts

To support the creation of a force as a catalyst for multiplier potentials in human development, HDA awards scholarships and give discount coupons to nationals from any country receiving international cooperation, for those who work in social activities, NGOs or public institutions, and for the socially disadvantaged, who belong to minorities, and who are under 25 or over 60.

The scholarships represent up to 20% discount on the value of the registration for the online programs. To be eligible you must produce proof of having recently been working for an NGO or for the public sector, linked to humanitarian activities, being a national of a country receiving international cooperation, or having an adverse social or economic status.

The student must meet with some of the following conditions to be eligible:

  • To be a citizen of any country covered by international cooperation; Scholarship of 10%.
  • People under 25 or over 60, or anyone who is going through an adverse economic or social situation; Scholarship of 15%.
  • When working in a public institution, NGO, or volunteering in the last year; Scholarship of 20% for the Master or Expert Programs or 10% for any of the Diploma Courses.

These scholarships or discounts are non-cumulative. However, thanks to partnerships, HDA sometimes extends these benefits to the majority of people and launches unique offers for a limited time for a certain number of students. 

For some special cases and other services as books and e-books, HDA give discount coupons, which are accessible at payment. 

Documents to be sent:

After sending personal identification and a document certifying your situation (.pdf, .doc, .gif, .jpg, or .png), at the moment of the registration or by email, HDA will consider the application:

  1. National identification card from the country as recipient of international cooperation.
  2. One of the following accreditations:
    • Employment contract certifying his work relationship with a public entity or NGO.
    • Certification of volunteer work in a public institution or NGO.
    • A legal document that proves you are a founder or partner in a NGO.
    • Document certifying any social or economic status of marginality, such as forced displacement, rehabilitation or as victim of violence.

NOTE: These scholarships are awarded up to 50% of the number of people registered to any of the programs. For this reason, HDA does not guarantee that all applications are approved.