Consultants & Tutors

Integral Human Development Specialists 


Alejandro Martínez Gómez

Industrial engineer, finance specialist, master in international cooperation and diplomas on holistic pedagogy. Speaker, writer, and corporate consultant, for integral education and solidarity economy. 15 year of management experience in business and social organizations; 14 years as a consultant, strengthen the human potential and encouraging the education improvement. Inspiring leadership motivated him to explore his own talents and actually is playing improvisational piano professionally. Program coordinator and teacher of the master. He has design educative materials.

César Ernesto Beltrán Jaramillo
Coach Certificated - EIS: Emotionally Intelligent Solutions™ - DL Coaching School. Independent reasercher and speaker in integral human development. 30 years of living experience and study of traditional world cultures and the east and western approach to philosophy, psychology, and spirituallity for develop of human potential. 20 years living in India. Ex-secretary of the Colombian Embassy in India. Co-founder of human and social programs and East & West Foundation. HDA consultant. He has desing educative materials for the training programs.

Alberto Alviar Nieto
Consultant, social researcher, writer and trainer of human and ortganizational development. Leaders encouragement and coach. He was prized and named by the Colombian government and radio station from Europe and his country, for his contribution to the educative and social development of Colombia. He is also specialists in clasic literature, latinamerican studies and mystic poetry. HDA consultant. He has desing educative materials

Héctor Heraldo Rojas Jiménez 
International analyst, speacker and consultant with experience in funding and development project managment. Master in politics sciences of Paris University EMV, France, and master in economic development of Andalucia University, Spain. Skills to manage multidisciplinary and multicultural teams in integral human training of individuals and directives, to facilite the managment skills development, and to have effective and transformational enviroments . Teacher of the HDA online training programs.

Linda Restrepo Serna
Artist and graphic designer, with studies in human pedagogy. She is activately involve with the integral education of children and youths  in vulnerable conditions of Antioquia. She has skills as an event planner and team leadership. She is helping to design HDA graphical materials to support the training procceses.