Facing the Industrial Revolution 4.0 and Social 5.0

Balance between personal and work life

12 Modules of Updated Integral Human Development

Mental Self Emotional Self Relational Self Communitary Self Global Self Transcendenta Self
CYCLE I: Innovation
CYCLE II: Adaptability
CYCLE III: Agility
CYCLE IV: Learnability

Intrapersonal Intelligence
Emotional Intelligence
Interpersonal Intelligence
Social Intelligence
Ecological Intelligence
Universal Intelligence

Online Learning Modalities

IHD: Integral Human Development


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Conscious transformation support

Our training methodology strengthen you multidimensionally and holistically. Experience grow in the mental, emotional, relational, social, global and universal fields. Develop multiple skills, new talents, intelligences, competencies and leadership.

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Boton ¿Por qué pensamos, hablamos y actuamos así?
Boton Comunicación Eficaz
Boton Riesgos y Retos del Siglo XXI
Boton Confort Sin Esclavitud
Boton Asumiendo el Reto de Ser Feliz
Boton Uso Constructivo de la Mente
Boton Conciencia Emocional
Boton Liderazgo Funcional y Trabajo en Equipo
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I use these teachings to improve and learn more about my life through my personality, my mind and my abilities.

Víctor Manuel Rincón


I learned that self-knowledge is the master key to a full life.

Emilse Moncada


This master’s degree in human development taught me great things, guided me to a totally different horizon, changed my way of seeing life, changed my mental chip; now I see life from another perspective that helps increase my potential. I feel like I’m another person.

Darley Acosta

Production manager

This program is helping me to have different points of view when I have a problem, to improve in my inner being that I think is one of the most difficult parts to describe.

Sonia Rincón

Manager assistant

I was making a big mistake when doubting my abilities, with the practice and the human development program today I can say that our own thoughts often limit us and are those that generate obstacles, therefore the importance of recognizing ourselves and discovering the abilities and talent that God has given us.

Diana Chaparro


The theoretical support is valuable to me, as long as it has scientific basis, the videos, stories and other reflections lead me to think that I must halt to self-analyze, because it is always easier to read the other, than to read oneself. It is even one of the challenges in Psychology, knowing oneself, and these tools facilitate that challenge.

Paula Velarde


It has allowed me to get in tune with what I was already living and get out of the conformism that has been generated since childhood.

Natalia Sánchez

Human Resources Manager

This program of human development takes you to another level, to see life in another way, from another perspective, which helps you to build a totally unveiled life of what had made a prisoner of you.

David Acosta

Head of plant

In this program I have been able to understand that the mind plays as it pleases with me and that mastering it is very complicated, but that I must start giving the first pins to live with its madness of images, thoughts and ideas that throws me at inopportune moments.

Myriam Mora


I learned about my emotions, about the disadvantages of the ego and how to overcome some problems that were implanted in us in our education since childhood and generate awareness in me, when receiving a stimulus that generates a reaction either positive or negative in my body.

Alberto Zuleta


My Master Program in Integral Human Development has everything and welcomes everything that our life must take into account to be true, authentic, original and convinced beings that we deserve the best.

Ceila Vásquez


I learned that only through the knowledge and development of our inner being can we deprogram ourselves and become true and integral beings to fulfill our goals.

Yeinardo Moreno

Head of Human Talent

In a nutshell, I am learning to be happier. These tools give the person a way to escape from this system that they created for us. The real satisfaction is not to have power or be a millionaire, but to be rich inwardly.

Jaime Alberto Zuleta


There were many lessons learned in this module that I can apply to my life, beginning by recognizing that perhaps in many opportunities we give more authority to emotions and allow them to dominate.

Viviam Lorena Rojas


It is important to highlight that the development of this program, from the first activity helps us to grow on a personal level.

Javier Bernal

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