Lo Que No Nos Dicen Acerca Del Crecimiento Personal

¿Realmente puedo crecer con frases, libros o cursos de desarrollo personal? En alguna proporción, seguramente. Pero a menudo suceden 2 cosas: 1) O nos convertimos en recolectores de información y solo usamos los nuevos contenidos de nuestra memoria para alimentar nuestro ego inflado, o...

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Why Do I Lose Interest In Improving Myself, Even If I Have Tried Many Times?

Recall that one of the thinking styles that is stagnating human evolution the most, is the so-called Pluralist Relativism (presented in the Unplug Course of the Master Program in Integral Human Development of the Vital Learning Platform), which is who believes he has overcome the religious, scientific, technological and materialist vision of the world today... who believes he has the most humane, solidary, or spiritual solutions... who believes that in life everything has justification or everythingis right, and avoids assuming positions or thoughts to avoid conflict or effort.

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Life is an Opportunity

Society has always been composed of: a. passive subjects, b. powerful leaders and c. enemies on whom blame, inferiority, hatred and hostility are projected: the scapegoats. The root of the evil caused by the human is not its animal part but its necessity of importance, of denying its own mortality and acquiring a heroic image of itself.

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The University of Life

The deep satisfaction of living the natural design of your existence comes mainly from the extent to which you are developing the "seed capital" that you obtained from family, society, culture, College ... This seed is developed by going beyond the limits of this initial capital, enriching it with your own inquiry, experience, and subsequent learning.

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Living the Purpose of Life is a Personal Choice

When our point of view is threatened we all feel insecure. Nobody likes to recognize that the problem can partly be oneself! The goal of growing is to overcome. Let´s accept life as a gift. Accept the responsibility to act according to our best interests. Let's think that if we are good people what we seek for ourselves will also be good, as long as we are honest with our needs.

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