The Evil of the Century and Nature of Well-being

Being neurotic is being able to behave badly without feeling responsible for one's actions. Jung says that the sick person does not have to learn to get rid of his neurosis but learn to endure it. Because disease is not a superficial and meaningless burden, it is what the person is; the same person is that "other" that we always try to exclude. If we flee from the evil that is in us, we put ourselves in danger. All evil is potential vitality that needs to be transformed. Pretending to live without the creative potential of our own destructiveness is like being a cardboard angel. Sheldon B. Kopp

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I Choose To Be Free

The modern corporate person, the bureaucrats, the tribes stuck in tradition, anyone who does not understand what it means to think for himself; whoever is scared about being bold and express themselves, prefers to be passive and imitate others. These are perfect descriptions of the "automatic cultural human", the human confined by culture, slave of it, consumerist, who imagines that if they acquire the last thing that propaganda is offering has theirs life under control.

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Take Risks to Growth

All true yearning implies a risk. It is not possible to grow without taking risks, without venturing. At each stage of our growth we become a little stronger, we trust more in ourselves. Although we seem to grow step by step, each stage of our growth is not determined, in reality, by a step, but by a jump. That is precisely why risking inspires so much fear, and also why growing up is so painful. Like any risk, growing requires leaving something without having the assurance that the next step is better. If growth were steady, logical and easy to predict, there would be far fewer risks, and more people would find success and happiness in life.

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