Cambia La Rutina Y Transforma Tu Vida

Para alcanzar resultados distintos y acercarte a tus objetivos es necesario que hagas cosas diferentes. La costumbre de quedarse en los ciclos de la rutina y en la zonas de confort es una tendencia natural de la mente. Se trata más bien de iniciar el día teniendo claro que cosas nuevas haré o haré de manera distinta.

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The Real Mess We Are Already In

People have a natural resistance to changes. They do not like them. They want the "status quo", Latin expression that perhaps means "the mess we are already in". People resist changes for various reasons. To favor the necessary changes, the leaders find out what those reasons are, and face them. "Leadership with purpose" - Rick Warren

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El Orden Interno Trae Orden Externo
Panoramic photo of large crowd of people. Slow shutter speed motion blur.

Inner Orderliness Brings About External Order

There may be carefully constructed institutions - political, religious, economic - but whatever the construction of these may be, unless our inward consciousness is in total order, inward disorder will always overcome the outer. We have seen this historically, it is happening now in front of our eyes. This is a fact. The turning point is in our consciousness.

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