Lo Que No Nos Dicen Acerca Del Crecimiento Personal

¿Realmente puedo crecer con frases, libros o cursos de desarrollo personal? En alguna proporción, seguramente. Pero a menudo suceden 2 cosas: 1) O nos convertimos en recolectores de información y solo usamos los nuevos contenidos de nuestra memoria para alimentar nuestro ego inflado, o...

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The Evil of the Century and Nature of Well-being

Being neurotic is being able to behave badly without feeling responsible for one's actions. Jung says that the sick person does not have to learn to get rid of his neurosis but learn to endure it. Because disease is not a superficial and meaningless burden, it is what the person is; the same person is that "other" that we always try to exclude. If we flee from the evil that is in us, we put ourselves in danger. All evil is potential vitality that needs to be transformed. Pretending to live without the creative potential of our own destructiveness is like being a cardboard angel. Sheldon B. Kopp

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