Alejandro Joanz

3 Decades of Entrepreneurship and Personal Discovery

Since I was young I believe in the need to be autonomous and effectively manage my thoughts and emotions. However, at one point, almost without realizing it, I find myself entangled in the currents of the world, following the culture and beliefs of others.

I am surprised to understand that culture teaches us to wear masks and to repress expressing ourselves from the bottom of who we are or from our essence.

That innocent and transparent child was now a copy of the world not the authentic person he dreamed to be.

At the end of the university, I understand that education only superficially develops human capacities. In addition, it stealthily leads me to live within routines and comfort zones that keep my potential hidden.

After 10 years as a manager in the industrial sector, I conclude that the work culture also favors the mechanical operation of the mind and largely discourages the use of the vital force.

As a consultant, I discover studies that reveal the deep pain that most people harbor at the inability to show their inner potential and give more meaning to life, due to inherited thinking.

I could not even find answers in the many concepts of personal growth that I got used to reading and trying to practice from a young age and that in most cases were going out of style. So, I persist in researching on my own from various currents of universal thought. I join experts to understand human development in a broad and practical way ... truly integral.

After arduous research, unique tools begin to emerge to give mental and emotional clarity, break free from paradigms, modify habits and guide oneself on a path of real and lasting transformation. I am also beginning to find much deeper meaning in life.

I have been implementing training with these tools for almost 2 decades and feeling enormous gratitude for all the opportunities I have had to help build well-being for people from many professions and business sectors, including more than 3,000 people in unfavorable financial situations.

In 2006, we were recognized by the Bogotá Mayor's Office as one of the programs for personal transformation and entrepreneurial development, with the greatest impact in the history of the city*.
(*Contract Nos. 163/05-187/05-100/06, Department of Community Action DAAC-Mentor Colombia-Foroc, aimed at 1,300 beneficiaries from 19 municipalities in the city)

Many of these tools are now in the ADH Vital Virtual Platform and its Personal, Creative, and Entrepreneurial Development Programs. Through them, every person learns to develop, step by step, the best version of himself, to balance his personal and work life and inspire others to also unfold their potentials. More than 11,000 people have been helped by these programs to find wellness in their lives.

Alejandro Joanz

Entrepreneurship Brings Me Great Learnings and Transformations to Life

At the age of 20, in the middle of my career, I began to work in a family business that was in commercial decline, which also allowed me to become independent and continue paying for my university and master's studies. At 23 years old I am a manager and in 1 more year, a partner, taking advantage of the payment facilities that I receive. I renew its productive capacities and commercial strategies, and between successes and mistakes, I can stabilize it, capitalize it and generate the necessary income in 5 years to pay my investment.

In search of new horizons, reaching my 30's I sell my participation and I dedicate myself to business and financial consulting. Also, I experience myself as a trader on the New York Stock Exchange and start developing online projects. I work on the creation of a delivery portal that I finally closed in 2000 after being affected by the dot-com crisis of that year.

New experiences, links, trips and the constant search that I had since I was young, lead me to discover at 33 years old that the true meaning of life is found in cultivating inner wealth rather than outer wealth. This causes my attention to focus on internal well-being rather than external well-being and to take an interest in working creating contributions that are meaningful to humanity.

Convinced that success and job and personal satisfaction depend mainly on mental rather than technical skills, my consultancies began to focus on the psychological aspect, both for entrepreneurs, workers, investors and even traders.

In 2004, I decided to found the Academy of Human Development - ADH, as a means to work in coherence with these principles that were renewing my life... intuiting, incidentally, that it would also help me to deepen my development.

I read a definition of ethics that I make the goal of my work: "to produce the greatest good for the greatest possible number of people".

After a few years I understand that my main goal before changing the world should be changing me. Also, I discover that inner well-being is not detached from material abundance, but from greed, attachments, dependencies, and vanity.

In all these years, I have obtained achievements and rewards but also crossed difficulties and made mistakes, bringing me important learnings and in many cases significant changes for my work, personal and spiritual life.

As I go deeper I see that everything I need has always been in me! Undoubtedly, willpower and the continuous development of my skills, with the right guidance to activate them, are the main resources that I have to deal with life's uncertainties and achieve goals.

Either way, it's when I recognize that my potential is beyond my thoughts, or that I can never really hope to know everything, that life's greatest experiences happen... right after my mind stop resisting or seeking and prefer to surrender and trust.

Alejandro Joanz

The Vital Question

Answering the following question has become a vital need:

Would I rather let my potential fade or I will take control of my destiny to identify and develop it?

My decision to give more of myself and expert support guide me to recognize and express my life force, free myself from fears, guilt or limiting beliefs, communicate assertively and authentically, create healthy relationships, and make decisions with greater confidence.

Is important beware of superficial or "light" supports of human development focused on concepts and formulas to achieve goals in few steps, often unreal, as to stay happy, successful or positive all the time, when the real thing is the ups and downs. In many cases they end up fueling frustration and leading to believe that personal growth does not work. The problem is that they make you lose interest in being better, lead you to continue taking refuge in routine and comfort zones, increasing dissatisfaction and limiting the possibility of achieving sucess.

If I develop soft skills with the right guidance, which helps me grow integrally and continuously, I can effectively manage the real ups and downs that we all experience and balance personal and work life.

By making self-improvement a habit, I prevent the currents of the world from taking me as they please. Increase my understanding and unfold my capabilities. I think and act with assertiveness and consistency. I begin to take charge of my future.

Today I recognize that if I acquire the courage of a warrior and the skills of a tightrope walker, I ascend through life with agility and security. In the falls or mistakes common to all I get up, learn and move on; in the achievements I also learn, thank and celebrate. Each step I take leads me to a deeper encounter with myself and with my improved skills, even so I doubt them.

Alejandro Joanz
ADH Founder

What is ADH (HDA)?

It is a dream come true that turns 17 years promoting integral human development through training and events, virtual and face-to-face, and teaching materials. We are a team committed to the well-being of its students, who have reached more than 11,000 and counting.

A human potential developed through the strengthening of soft skills.

Supporting internal transformation by strengthening the ability to be aware; promoting integral human development and global humanization. Creating a network of learning communities supported by virtual and face-to-face training programs. Contributing to balance in the various dimensions of existence.

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