90% of People Fail to Apply Formulas to Achieve Success and Happiness in Few Steps. Rather Than Temporarily Motivate, They Finally Produce Frustration And A Lack Of Interest To Be Better, Sometimes For Years. Often Times These Concepts End Up Being Unreal...

THE UPS AND DOWNS ARE REAL! Learn To Manage them Effectively To Keep You Valid At Work And Home!

Develops Skills and Leadership to Assertively Manage Life With the Guide and Accompaniment of the Program:

Programa Maestro en Desarrollo Humano Integral

Enrollment to the Master Program is Temporarily Closed...


Learn To Take Control Of Your Destiny And Prevent Others Do It For You.



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    Online Program

    Programa Maestro en Desarrollo Humano Integral

    Soft Skills and Leadership to Stay Current

    Gain greater personal clarity and develop life skills that allow you to take control of your thoughts and effectively manage the real ups and downs of life. Create the habit of continuous learning (learnability) and take your skills to a new level innovation, adaptability and mental agility, so that you are prepared to face your future with decision and intelligence.

    Greater Personal Clarity
    Life Skills Development
    Autonomy, Agile Adaptation and Leadership

    The Master Program in Integral Human Development is a proven method that guides you, step by step, on the path of personal transformation and the use of internal resources, getting used to knowing yourself better and developing your potentials in all areas of life.

    Your Most Profitable Investment Is In You

    "Personal development is a huge time saver... the better I become, the less time it takes to reach my goals"
    Brian Tracy

    Avoid losing your job, a valuable relationship or going bankrupt by learning to think, communicate and act with consistency and determination. If you learn to take advantage of every moment of life, you make better decisions and reach goals faster.

    Through deep and continuous exploration, The Master Program allows you to save living costs, on a personal and professional level, which are often incalculable, helping you to:

     ✔   Simplify and clarify the problems and confusions of the mind, so that you take advantage of the days being consistent with who you are and your ideals.
     ✔    Activate your authenticity and autonomy, your own innovative responses, what you want and can do better.
     ✔   Take control of your thoughts, knowledge, emotions and experiences and avoid being distracted by feelings of fear, anger, or anxiety.
     ✔    Discover skills and develop them, which perhaps you knew little before, both in personal and work life.
     ✔   Improve your personal and work relationships, even if they are deteriorated, strengthening them in trust and cooperation.
     ✔   Assertively manage challenges and learn from them.
     ✔   Make better use of opportunities, even if you consider them scarce.
     ✔   Guide you under a integral life plan that allows your renewal and self-direction.

    This training is not for me, if I want magic formulas to achieve unrealistic achievements in a few steps. Nor is it for me, if I care more about accumulating information or certificates than learning how to make better use of who I am now. I will waste my time if I prefer to follow the mentality of others instead of taking care of my destiny. Albert Einstein said that "I won't be able to get different results if I keep doing things the same way".

    This training is for me, if I want to commit to myself, to overcome limiting beliefs and develop my potential for continuous improvement. Also, it is vital if I want to work in what I like the most and know how to do best, in developing the best version of myself, personally and professionally, obtaining better and more stable income, or if I am determined to achieve my dreams and help others to reach them too.

    Plataforma ADH Vital

    Online Program

    Programa Maestro en Desarrollo Humano Integral

    Development Of Soft Skills, Creative Talents And Leadership To Balance The Personal And Work Life, Keep Me Valid At Work And Build Organizational And Community Sustainability


    12 Modules - Cycles I to IV

    Mental Self Emotional Self Relational Self Communitary Self Global Self Trascendental Self

    Intrapersonal Intelligence
    Emotional Intelligence
    Interpersonal Intelligence
    Social Intelligence
    Ecological Intelligence
    Universal Intelligence

    How Do You Ascend the Ladder of Updated Integral Human Development?

    Alejandro Joanz

    The methodology of the program habituates to multidimensional and holistic strengthening, to experience grow in the mental, emotional, relational, social, global and universal fields, through 12 sub-programs that serve as steps in the transformation process.

    By implementing the learnings of each module you go through different stages of your development. You are discovering truths that you have always wanted to know about yourself but did not know having studied them shortly before.

    As you progress you can integrate your biological, psychological and emotional resources, you begin to think differently, to express yourself with assertiveness and to act in more creative and humanitarian ways. If I change the way I see the world, my world changes shape!

    As result, you develop multiple skills, new talents, intelligences, competencies and new leadership, with broader life goals that include a contribution to others, the community, and the planet.

    If You Believe You Can... You Can

    ¡Estos Son Los Resultados de Algunos de Nuestros Estudiantes!* ¡Tu Decisión Te Transforma!

    “My Master Program in Integral Human Development has everything and welcomes everything that our life must take into account to be true, authentic, original and convinced beings that we deserve the best.“
    Ceila Vásquez | School Principal

    “The theoretical support is valuable to me, as long as it has scientific basis, the videos, stories and other reflections lead me to think that I must halt to self-analyze, because it is always easier to read the other, than to read oneself. It is even one of the challenges in Psychology, knowing oneself, and these tools facilitate that challenge.”
    Paula Andrea Velarde | Psychologist

    "In a nutshell, I am learning to be happier. These tools give the person a way to escape from this system that they created for us. The real satisfaction is not to have power or be a millionaire, but to be rich inwardly."
    Jaime Zuleta | Teacher

    "There were many lessons learned in this module that I can apply to my life, beginning by recognizing that perhaps in many opportunities we give more authority to emotions and allow them to dominate."
    Viviam Lorena Rojas Doctor

    "The most important decision of my existence."
    Andrea Monsalve | Psychologist

    "This program of human development takes you to another level, to see life in another way, from another perspective, which helps you to build a totally unveiled life of what had made a prisoner of you."
    David Acosta | Jefe de Planta

    "I was making a big mistake when doubting my abilities, with the practice and the human development program today I can say that our own thoughts often limit us and are those that generate obstacles, therefore the importance of recognizing ourselves and discovering the abilities and talent that God has given us."
    Diana Chaparro | Teacher

    "This master’s degree in human development taught me great things, guided me to a totally different horizon, changed my way of seeing life, changed my mental chip; now I see life from another perspective that helps increase my potential. I feel like I’m another person."
    Darley Acosta | Production manager

    "It is important to highlight that the development of this program, from the first activity helps us to grow on a personal level."
    Jaime Bernal | Teacher

    * Individual experiences may not be common to all. Your history, education, work experience, and commitment to the program may be different. These stories are illustrative and do not guarantee your success or failure. Your results may vary.

    What You Get When You Sign Up

    HUNDREDS OF STRUCTURED EDUCATIONAL SUPPLEMENTS, such as videos, exercises, downloadable documents and prerecorded seminars, that support your transformation efforts and the unfolding of your inner potential.
    ACCESS TO ADH VITAL, THE NO.1 SYSTEM FOR COMPLEMENTARY EDUCATION IN LATIN AMERICA, an LMS Platform, the result of more than 3 decades of research, with state-of-the-art technology and 100% online methodology to train anytime, anywhere.
    UNLIMITED CONSULTATIONS to tutors and technical support via email or in the internal chat of the platform.
    EVALUATION according to the degree of dedication and self-analysis with unlimited revision possibilities.
    CERTIFICATION at the end of the program activities and approval of the final work.

    Enrollment to the Master Program is Temporarily Closed...


    Learn To Take Control Of Your Destiny And Prevent Others Do It For You.



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