The Music that Emerges from the Universe and Not from the Composer

«En todo el universo, en cada átomo de la creación, en el interior de todo ser humano, hay por naturaleza música reverberando».

Today there are more recognized professional musicians who distinguish the difference between the music produced by the universe, with which it is possible to connect and from which beautiful melodies arise spontaneously, and the music that is taught to reproduce or interpret. Let's see the interview they do with Vangelis where he highlights the wrong concept that humanity has been creating about music.

Todos Somos música

Todos somos música. Conoce más sobre este gran compositor:

Posted by Quetescuchen on martes, 22 de marzo de 2016

The music of the universe vibrates in each one of us. We have the ability to be channels or instruments of creation, through which unique and wonderful melodies can manifest. Each one arises by surrendering to the musical experience from the heart, from the soul, or from any state beyond the mind; it arises in an improvised way and with different characteristics according to the life history of each person.

To learn to develop these innate qualities in every human being, we need to realize reality and who we are, learning to unmask cultural programming. By removing our false personalities that promote mechanical and repetitive minds, we can find the inner connection with our being: originality, transparency and coherence of living. By putting aside our gridded and technical mind, we discover multiple ways of expressing creativity, being channels capable of interpreting the subtle manifestations of the outer universe and the inner universe.

Improvisación Musical y Artística

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