The Music Produced by Stars and Atoms

Every particle of the universe contains music within it. Scientists at the astronomical observatory in Japan have processed and listened to the sound produced by various stars, finding that sublime melodies emanate from them, in perfect and beautiful harmonies, which invite us to reflect on the majesty of the universe and the gifts of Creation [1 ]. Let's hear it at the following link:

In the same way, scientists at the Chalmers University of Technology, in Sweden, have processed and listened to the music that is produced inside each atom in the universe [2].

Where do these beautiful melodies come from? Is there a universal composer who creates them?

Many recognize that the music produced by the great composers of history, such as Bach, Mozart, Beethoven or Chopin, came from sources of inspiration more divine than earthly, or more spiritual than mental. Given the scarce or almost non-existent existence of similar composers, it seems that humanity's connection with its transcendent realities has been lost. However, science itself, which in other times denied these subtle realities, is now the one that invites us to resume our connections with the macro and micro cosmos or with truths more related to millennial spiritual principles.

Precisely, the sacred books of many of the religions and philosophies, manifest the existence of a celestial music that produces the most beautiful harmonies in the universe [3] and that by connecting with them with techniques such as meditation, concentration and introspection, we not only They allow us to have an inexhaustible source of creativity, but they facilitate raising our levels of consciousness and our soul, towards states of peace and happiness that surpass any happiness produced on the earthly or material plane. Let us then return to the path within ourselves to connect with the sounds and light that emanate and vibrate in each atom of our body and of the entire universe.

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[2] The sound of an atom has been captured. Science Magazine

[3] Tuning into the cosmic radio channel. James Been.

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