Being Hollow Is Not An Insult But A Scientific Reality

We are 99% vacuum. Everything and everyone is made of atoms, which in turn, are made of a vacuum with only 1% matter, corresponding to neutrons, protons and electrons. In fact, the neutron in an atom is the size of a soccer ball in the middle of a stadium.

Even more revealing is that these particles of matter are actually made up of other, smaller subatomic particles, classified into quarks and leptons, which are in turn made up of vibrations of energy [1].

We really are dancing particles of energy, vibrations made of light and sound. When viewing these particles under a microscope, they look like multiple colored clouds.

Vacío en el Átomo

This is just what traditional science reveals to us about who we are. In other publications, we will expand on what other branches of science, such as quantum physics or neuroscience, are discovering about us and, above all, how these revelations can allow us to find ways to develop our human potential much more and build a more prosperous life and happy.

[1] The Elementary Particles. Sergio Torres Arzayús

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