The Purpose of Existence

As we grow our purpose expands, deepens, covers more areas of existence and goes beyond our physical, mental and emotional benefit. Spiritual Master Rajinder Singh tells us about it:

“The spiritual path is a path that helps us achieve our goals. When we walk the path back to the source it is important to truly understand what is the purpose of our existence.

As human beings we have a purpose, and this purpose is to know our origin. If that understanding comes early in our lives, every facet will harmonize with the purpose in a strong and clear way. The important thing is to recognize that we have a purpose and what is, and then direct our steps in that direction.

If in the new year our understanding is correct and we can have correct thoughts, correct words and correct actions; then we will live our lives in a way that prepares us to melt our soul at its source.”

Personal and professional development

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