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For most of us, our whole life is based on opposition, on some act of the will to go against the flow. And we cannot conceive an action without volition, without effort; Our life is based on it. Our social, economic, and “spiritual” life is a series of efforts that always culminate in a certain result. And we believe that opposition is essential, necessary.

There may be carefully constructed institutions - political, religious, economic - but whatever the construction of these may be, unless our inward consciousness is in total order, inward disorder will always overcome the outer. We have seen this historically, it is happening now in front of our eyes. This is a fact. The turning point is in our consciousness.

Prejudice has something in common with ideals, beliefs and faiths. We must be able to think together; but our prejudices, our ideals and so on, limit the capacity and the energy required to think, to observe and examine together so as to discover for ourselves what lies behind all the confusion, misery, terror, destruction and tremendous violence in the world. Thought is the common factor of all mankind.

It is difficult to recognize that efforts, resources and feelings were deposited in the wrong place, but it is necessary to do so. Actually, links based on fear do not help us. We hold on to bad habits because we don’t really strive to grow and we need an excuse to justify our failures. We keep our bad habits because we don’t really love each other. The threat of losing the false security of the old convictions gradually weakens the ability to improve.

Society has always been composed of: a. passive subjects, b. powerful leaders and c. enemies on whom blame, inferiority, hatred and hostility are projected: the scapegoats. The root of the evil caused by the human is not its animal part but its necessity of importance, of denying its own mortality and acquiring a heroic image of itself.

The deep satisfaction of living the natural design of your existence comes mainly from the extent to which you are developing the "seed capital" that you obtained from family, society, culture, College ... This seed is developed by going beyond the limits of this initial capital, enriching it with your own inquiry, experience, and subsequent learning.

When our point of view is threatened we all feel insecure. Nobody likes to recognize that the problem can partly be oneself! The goal of growing is to overcome. Let´s accept life as a gift. Accept the responsibility to act according to our best interests. Let's think that if we are good people what we seek for ourselves will also be good, as long as we are honest with our needs.

The modern corporate person, the bureaucrats, the tribes stuck in tradition, anyone who does not understand what it means to think for himself; whoever is scared about being bold and express themselves, prefers to be passive and imitate others. These are perfect descriptions of the "automatic cultural human", the human confined by culture, slave of it, consumerist, who imagines that if they acquire the last thing that propaganda is offering has theirs life under control.

When a person grows up, they abandon the way they saw themselves. Part of the pain of growth comes from realizing that you have been dishonest with yourself, and that grief makes people change. You always have to take a leap to renounce what is false. When we understand that we were cheating, we try to be much more honest.

The only concern that would be worthwhile is: What is my true talent, my secret gift, my authentic vocation? How am I truly unique and how can I express this uniqueness, shape it, dedicate it to something outside of myself? How can I enrich myself and humanity with my talent, my individuality, my emotions and longings?

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