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According to the Spanish psychologist, Pilar Baselga, our educational systems have been manipulated since the French Revolution until today, preventing the development of the inner potential of a child, a young person or an adult. Developing a talent, being creative or growing spiritually, is undermined by our cultural programming which leads us to focus essentially on our mental capacities and leaves aside our ability to fully express ourselves from our true selves.

We need complementary educational systems that facilitate the development of human potential in a more holistic way, that allow us to overcome the ties of the operating educational, social, economic and political systems, and facilitate the reconnection with the very interior of each person, with their cognitive capacities and with its transcendental capital.

«Decimos: somos mentes y cuerpos que tenemos un alma; pero realmente: somos almas, que usan un cuerpo y una mente para vivir.» Rajinder Singh

Desarrollo Personal y Profesional, Educación

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