Vivology: The Art of Living Better

Training and Resources to Promote Your Personal and Professional Development!

Vivology: The Art of Living Better

Awaken your inner potential, develop creativity, talents, leadership, solidarity and entrepreneurial attitude. Training, resources and support platforms for the holistic and integral development of adults, youth and children:

Training and Resources:

“Serving others we earn the right to direct them.”
Rajinder Singh Ji

Where to start?

  • Visit the Vivoblog and leave your comments.
  • Subscribe for free to Vivology so that you receive news that expands your capabilities.
  • Access music, books and e-books, which heal, inspire and help you live better.
  • Participate in the Vivo Camps, to develop talents and leadership, carried out in exotic places of the world.
  • Request training adapted to the evolving needs of a person, organization or community.
  • Cultivate self-improvement with online training programs.

Build with Vivology personal well-being, healthy environments and prosperous communities!

The art of living better

Growth Areas: Personal and ProfessionalMusical and ArtisticEducational and Family

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You can choose the Growth Areas that are most interesting to you:

Personal and Professional

To promote human improvement and inner fulfillment

Main topics:

  • Transformative discoveries about human capabilities
  • Resources to develop multiple intelligences and competencies.
  • Systems of participation and family, business and community integration.
  • Latest events, news and Vivology tools to be and live better.

Musical and Artistic

To create artistic sensitivity and inner inspiration

Main topics:

  • Revelations about the artistic-creative abilities of every person.
  • Methods of musical and artistic improvisation.
  • Access to free music to relax, focus and be creative.
  • Resources to unleash inner potential through music, art and ecology.

Educational and Family

To update and strengthen teaching methods

Main topics:

  • Teaching systems to increase concentration, reduce stress and create environments conducive to learning.
  • Modern pedagogical techniques to teach more and better with less effort.
  • Innovative perspectives and practices of education for peace, for homes, schools and collectives.

Vivology is administered by the Human Development Academy and has the collaboration of organizations and specialists allied for culture, education and peace, formed as the ACEPAZ Alliance.

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