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Training for everyone at any time and place.


Face-to-face education adapted to collective needs.


Books and music therapy for personal improvement.


Trainings and resources to be and live better.

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  • Scholarships and Discounts
  • Permanent Accompaniment
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Know More and Live Better

The online training programs, face-to-face training and educational resources strengthen you multidimensionally and holistically, so that you grow mentally, emotionally, relationally, socially, globally and universally. Thus, you will develop multiple skills, new talents, intelligences, competencies and leadership.

Scholarships and Discounts

Thanks to ACEPAZ Alliance, you can easily access scholarships, discounts and financing for most of the virtual training programs and educational materials available on the network. The ACEPAZ Alliance allows comprehensive education systems to be available to everyone.

Permanent Accompaniment

Various online and face-to-face study facilities: subscribe free of charge Vivología according to the growth area that interests you, make comments on the blog, attend a Vivo Camp in a natural reserve, register to online Master programs or Integral Human Development Expert , enjoy music or books produced by our specialists. All these tools help you make the most of your abilities.

Affiliate Program

By recommending and facilitating a person to participate in the training programs and access the educational resources of this portal, you will be economically compensated. Join our team of multipliers today.


3 Books + 1 CD of Music Therapy

Free for Students of the Master Program!

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